Welcome to the official site of Osceola County Stadium!


Welcome to the Osceola County Stadium!

Welcome to the Osceola County Stadium!

To our biggest fans,

As the director of one of the best sporting facilities in the Grapefruit League, allow me to be the first to welcome you to our very own home plate.

The Osceola County Stadium was built in 1984 to welcome the Houston Astros to Osceola County. After the success of the Astros, the Osceola County Stadium was expanded in 2003. Soon after, the National Headquarters for the United States Specialty Sports Association and the USSSA Hall of Fame and Sports Museum chose to call the Osceola County Stadium their home.

At The Osceola County Stadium, we are home to the Houston Astros Spring Training during February and March. Throughout the remainder of the year, the Stadium hosts more than sixteen amateur athletic tournaments through partnerships with U.S. Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), Triple Crown, and World Baseball Federation. That totals up to over 1,000 games on 6 full-sized fields, and brings in more than $37 million per year.

We are excited to share our upcoming events with you. You can find all of our events on our shareable calendar. If you have ever experienced an event with us, or would just like to connect with us, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Play ball,
Erik Anderson
Facility Superintendent, Osceola County Stadium