Spring Training Facts

Take a look at some Osceola County Stadium Spring Training Facts:

  1. Opening day managers were Yogi Berra (NY Yankees) -vs.- Bob Lillis (Houston Astros).
  2. Yogi Berra was a coach in 1986 for the Astros.
  3. In 1996, Craig Biggio hit a homerun over the left field corner that struck head grounds keeper Rick Raasch in the chest. The incident was caught on tape and has been played on ESPN and the David Letterman show.
  4. Top three strikeout leaders have pitched here at Osceola County Stadium … Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson.
  5. Top three pitchers to throw no-hitters have pitched here … Nolan Ryan (7), Sandy Koufax (4) and Bob Feller (3).
  6. National recording artists to sing the National Anthem … Maroon 5, Johnny Thunder, The Dovels.
  7. National recording artist “RUSH” took in a game at Osceola County Stadium.
  8. Two Presidents have thrown out the first pitch … George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
  9. Only national recording artist to take part in a spring training game in 2000 … Garth Brooks.
  10. Largest Crowd … March 9, 2003 -vs.- NY Mets … 6,904.
  11. Three Florida Governors have been in attendance … Lawton Chiles, Bob Graham, and Charlie Crist.
  12. The Major League all-time hit leader played and managed here … Pete Rose.
  13. Two former Heisman Trophy winners played at Osceola County Stadium … Bo Jackson and Chris Weinke (minor league).
  14. 45 Major League Most Valuable Players have either played or coached in some capacity at Osceola County Stadium … Newhouser, T. Williams, Rizzuto, Rosen, Berra, Koufax, B. Robinson, Versailles, F. Robinson, Killebrew, Torre, Rose, Garvey, Morgan, Foster, Rice, Parker, Baylor, Stargell, K. Hernandez, Brett, Schmidt, Murphy, Ripken, W. Hernandez, McGee, Mattingly, Clemens, Bell, Dawson, Gibson, Mitchell, Bonds, Pendleton, Bagwell, Pujols, Howard, Rollins, Griffey, A. Rodriguez, Tejada, Giambi, Kent, C. Jones, Cabrera.
  15. 50 Major League Rookies of the Year have either played or coached in some capacity at Osceola County Stadium … F. Robinson, Rose, Peters, Oliva, Helms, R. Hansen, Virdon, Pinella, Bumbry, McBride, Hargrove, Murray, Dawson, Whitaker, Horner, Castino, Griffin, Valenzuela, Sax, Ripken, Strawberry, Gooden, Coleman, Guillen, Worrell, Santiago, Sabo, Weiss, Justice, S. Alomar, Bagwell, Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, Verlander, Ramirez, Howard, Willis, Hinske, Jennings, Pujols, Furcal, Beltran, Garciaparra, Rolen, Jeter, Coghlan, Kimbrel, Harper, DeGrom.
  16. 43 Major League CY Young Winners have either played or coached in some capacity at Osceola County Stadium … Drysdale, Koufax, Cuellar, Carlton, Hunter, Guidry, Valenzuela, Denny, W. Hernandez, Gooden, Saberhagen, Scott, Clemens, Bedrosian, Hershiser, Viola, M. Davis, Welch, Drabek, Glavine, Maddox, Cone, Spahn, Jenkins, Wynn, Perry, Blue, Lyle, Fingers, Palmer, Gibson, C. Lee, Sabathia, Colon, Halladay, Gagne, R. Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz, Greinke, Verlander, Dickey, Scherzer.
  17. 65 Members of Baseball Hall of Fame have either played, coached or participated in a fantasy camp in some capacity at Osceola County Stadium … Berra, Drysdale, Feller, M. Hamilton, Herman, Hunter, Kell, Killebrew, Kiner, Koufax, Morgan, Newhouser, Schoendienst, Stargell, B. Robinson, F. Robinson, T. Williams, M. Schmidt, R. Ashburn, Wynn, Spahn, B. Williams, Jenkins, Kaline, Slaughter, Fingers, Barlick, Palmer, Rice, Henderson, Gossage, Ripken, Boggs, Carter, Smith, Winfield, Puckett, Anderson, Ryan, Brett, Lasorda, Weaver, Niekro, Murray, Mazeroski, Fisk, Perez, Dawson, Harvey, Herzog, Alomar, Blyleven, Gillick, Larkin, Santo, Cox, Glavine, LaRussa, Maddux, Thomas, Torre, Biggio, Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz, Griffey, Jr., Piazza.
  18. Roger Clemens, Rollie Fingers, and Willie Hernandez … three players that won the MVP and Cy Young award in the same year have played here at our facilities.
  19. A total of 1,585,639 fans have enjoyed Spring Training games at Osceola County Stadium over the past 30 seasons the Astros have played here.
  20. The 19 home games played during the 2009 Spring Training season were the most ever played in a single Spring Training season (excluding strike years).
  21. $18.5 million renovation in 2003. The original price tag in 1985 was $5.5 million.
  22. 300-game winners to participate in some fashion at Osceola County Stadium … Spahn, Maddox, Clemens, Carlton, Ryan, Sutton, Niekro, Perry, Glavine, Wynn and Johnson.
  23. 500 homerun hitters to participate in some fashion at Osceola County Stadium … Bonds, Griffey, F. Robinson, Killebrew, Palmeiro, Jackson, A. Rodriguez, Schmidt, Thome, Ramirez, T. Williams, Murray, Thomas, Pujols and Sheffield.

Thanks for reading our Spring Training Facts! We hope to see you at the ballpark!